Marinate foods for hours is one of the keys to a nutritious barbecue!

With an increasingly uncertain time, weather conditions to prepare a healthy barbecue, along with friends and family, extend beyond the summer. You can also use some best propane grills which work indoor to get all year grilling experience. That's why you can always enjoy some rays of the sun and mild temperatures sometimes as an autumn afternoon or a winter weekend week and organize a varied and nutritious barbecue.

Yes, it's true: A barbecue can also be the perfect meal for those wishing to stay online! Indeed, a barbecue has to be necessarily a dish full of calories. For example, it is advisable to marinate all the meats, that is, leave the spicy food for several hours before starting the barbecue. Thus, the meat gets more flavor and makes it unnecessary to use massive calorie sauces. But what ingredients to use to marinate the food? Herbs to taste, white wine, garlic, and beer are the most desirable spices and should be avoided application of salt that would make the meat tough. Thus, the salt should be used only at the time of the barbecue.

Moreover, the main part of any barbecue must be low-fat foods, such as lean meat chicken and fish, in addition to the vegetables. Opting for this type of grilling ingredients not only contributes to a meal with very few calories, but also for a barbecue with lower cancer risk.


The Risk of Developing Cancer

For a healthy barbecue, you need to use lots of vegetables. Asparagus, onions, eggplant, peppers and zucchini are just some of the ingredients to be grilled. Thus, vegetables end up winning the flavor of the meat.

By the way, still invest in a very colorful salad, which for sure will whet the appetite of the little ones! Also if you're looking for some unique ideas then try a pineapple. It is a perfect fruit for grilling: after all, it is food that aids in protein digestion and therefore helps in the intake of meat.

During the preparation of barbecue, be careful not to make or intense smoke or flame, which is essential for healthier barbecues. On the other hand, never grill too much - and consequently, ingest pieces of food that are more grilled.

Finally, to taste the barbecue, avoid those black stripes that form on the exterior of the fish and meat, these are substances with potential carcinogenic risk.

If unavoidable, the best solution is to reconcile with a good deal of salad: after all, antioxidants have the ability to fight cancer components that end up forming in the flesh.

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